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  • Christine Figurski

Summer Updates!

We knew a lot of work would need to be done between semesters in order to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. Story and environment have been continuing weekly meetings throughout the summer to make sure we'd be going into the Fall semester strong!

I was involved primarily with the story team, contributing some to storyboards but mostly

in taking notes, brainstorming, and offering critiques. Early on we decided to officially cut the bat character, Walter, as we were already strained for budget and felt that the story could be told successfully without. I think this freed us up to explore the other characters and their roles in the story without worrying about another character's design and dynamic.

Towards the beginning of July, we had nailed down our updated story beats and separated them into six sequences that felt natural for splitting up storyboards. All that was left was to iterate on storyboards and get ready for going into production! Luckily the rest of our team has already been hard at work nailing down style, creating assets, and perfecting our Prism pipeline.

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