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  • Christine Figurski

Cutting Characters

We have been discussing the possibility of cutting a character lately. It’s a pretty split vote in the group, so we thought it would be good to explore what the story would look like if we didn’t have the bat character, as this has been our most challenging character to nail down both personality- and design-wise. Corndog and I drew our versions with the cast as-is while Sabrina drew her vision of how the story could function with one less character. While the other two drew out the full story, I was only focused on drawing the beginning portion to try and illustrate the horror trope idea to the rest of the group.

Beat-board animatic by Eric Wencel (all characters with story mostly unchanged):

Beat-board animatic by Sabrina de la Garza (without the bat character, story changed to reflect that):

My version of the faux-horror intro:

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